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Friday, January 2, 2009

Closed End Managed Buy/Sell Program Is A Scam

Question: Are closed end managed buy/sell programs legitimate? I've made introductions to parties claiming they can produce 30% gains per trade as the buyer is under contract to perform. I think it could be a scam.


It is a scam of the type known as a pyramid scheme. The term buy/sell programs is a term often used by scam artists to try to impress investors into thinking they are putting money into a sophisticated hedge fund (many and possibly most hedge funds are scams in our opinion, but that's another matter entirely), where the fund can generate big returns without any risk of loss.

In fact, the risk-reward correlation is as absolute as the earth-gravity correlation: You just can't get away from it. You cannot have big returns without big risks. Nobody can promise 30% gains per trade without extraordinary risk. But this is just a pyramid scheme where old investors are being paid with new investors' money, but no traders are actually occurring. Like the Bernie Madoff scam, they are just making up statements showing trades out of thin air. Run!

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At January 10, 2009 2:14 AM , Blogger onepoint said...

To state that all managed buy/sell programs are scams or pyramid schemes is simply ignorant. Sure, Madoff hasn't done anything for the credibility of the world of actual private securities trading, where, guess what folks, enormous amounts of money are made-- legitimately--every day.

But then again, it's supposed to be private. It's never been and never will be for average folks. And the real traders don't need to work with arrogant investors ( assuming they HAVE $100M) who don't understand the first thing about what they do. The
successful investors in this field know it's a privilege, not a right, and feel fortunate indeed.


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