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Re: Lentz, Karl

Post by wserra » Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:09 pm

Ah, I forgot about poor old Paul Gratton. Well, back in December he was sentenced to 45 months. Before that, however, he filed two civil cases, both using the Lentz tried-and-bombed method of filing a "claim" instead of a "complaint". Guess how he did.

Gratton filed the first of the civil cases against the ATF before his arrest. 15-cv-1251 (TNMD). The ATF, you see, "trespassed" on his property when he was raided and they took some stuff, including two particularly valuable items - a Gateway DX4300 (circa 2009) and an E-Machines 9600 (circa 2004). They and some peripherals attached to them - a clay tablet inscriber, perhaps? - are worth $1.1M, according to Gratton. Hey, they're antiques. Dismissed.

Next, Gratton tries a claim ("Not a complaint! Not a complaint!") against the Marshalls for also "trespassing" to take his stuff, including some of the stuff he already claimed against the ATF. This time he only claims that his valuable time is worth $5/min, instead of the $1/sec he claimed against the ATF. I guess he realizes that he's not as valuable when he's in jail. This time Lentz has a brilliant idea - Gratton should file in TN state court, away from those nasty feds. Well, the feds had an even better idea - remove it. 16-cv-97 (TNMD). Dismissed, rapidly, following removal.

But I keep the best for last. In March of last year, Gratton (pro se, of course) had a pretrial conference in Nashville before Judge Sharp. He appeared to have a new source for his juristic wisdom, one that told him that he should not speak, but rather write everything down. This groyse chochem was in court as well. Shockingly, Judge Sharp had little patience with this maneuver:
THE COURT: Well, yeah. Tell me, Mr. Gratton, who is with you there? Who is this?
Mr. Gratton, I'm talking to you. Are you going to write? Is that how we're going to play this today?
Let me ask you this. Why -- why can't you answer me? Why -- why -- are you going to write this down, Mr. Gratton?
All right. Let's just -- let's just move.
Mr. Gratton, what's your response? And I need you to come up to the podium to respond. Mr. Gratton, come up to the podium if you have a response. I'm not taking your pieces of paper; I'm talking to you.
All right. It appears that Mr. Gratton does not have a response to either one of those. Both of those motions are granted.
Effective approach. This goes on for a while until the following occurs:
THE COURT: I just -- I just told you.
Tell me your name again, sir.
All right. I don't know who this is, but Mr. Smith I think is his name.
If -- if I have asked you a question, you need to respond to me or you will be asked to leave the courtroom.
Let's -- let's get this guy out of here. Sir, you -- you need to leave the courtroom.
You just heard me. Get up and get out.
MR. GRATTON: This man is my hearing, sir. I wish for him to be with me.
THE COURT: If we need to -- if we need to call the marshals and have him physically removed, we will do that.
You need to get up, sir.
All right. Let's -- let's have him physically removed.
THE COURT: Have him physically removed. Get out. I'm about two seconds from coming down there and removing
you myself. Get out.
(Mr. Smith left the courtroom.)
Gratton should have stayed with Lentz. True, he'd still be right where he is, but he'd only have pissed away one fee to an idiot.

Anybody know who "Anthony Smith" is? Earlier in the hearing, the AUSA said that he thought Smith was British.
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Re: Lentz, Karl

Post by Jeffrey » Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:18 am

I'll see what I can find. In other news I've been avoiding mentioning it to not give it attention but Lentz has started a new website.


Meanwhile of the Corpus Christi couple with FDA troubles, one was sentenced and the other was found not competent to stand trial and sent for psychiatric treatment for 4 months.

http://www.kristv.com/story/35433123/lo ... und-guilty