Whatever happened to Robert Lawrence??

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Whatever happened to Robert Lawrence??

Postby fortinbras » Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:17 am

From my compilation:

The Robert Lawrence case: In May 2006, the federal prosecutor moved for dismissal of his prosecution of chronic non-filer Robert Lawrence only a few days before trial was to begin. Many tax-dodging internet websites trumpeted that this ignominious retreat by the prosecution was because of the OMB number argument filed by Lawrence’s lawyer only a day or two earlier. But when Lawrence filed for reimbursement for his lawyer’s fees, the request was denied because the govt explained that the indictment was withdrawn because, it was discovered by the govt, that the calculations of Lawrence’s tax liability were erroneously high, and it was thought better to cancel the first indictment and obtain a new one based on the correct figures rather than have prolonged legal arguments, including appeals, about the effect of the govt’s error. That Lawrence had already been through several court cases arising from his promotion of a tax evasion scheme was ample evidence that the slightest irregularity about the indictment would be used to keep this case churning for years. Lawrence (and his lawyer) admitted that the OMB defense had never worked in a failure-to-file case, and that, in fact, the argument had been rejected whenever attempted. US v. Lawrence (7th Cir 3/1/07) 217 Fed.Appx 553, rehearing denied (7th Cir 6/11/07). Lawrence’s lawyer, Oscar Stilley, who had represented many losing tax dodgers, was subsequently disciplined for unprofessional conduct in other cases in several states. Ligon v. Stilley (Ark 2008) 288 SW3d 185, and when an order of disbarment was entered, in the same case (Ark.Supm. 11/4/2010), Stilley’s misrepresentation of the PRA/OMB number argument as being the basis for the dismissal of the Robert Lawrence case was specified as one reason (out of many) for his disbarment.

That's what information I had in 2008, when the Lawrence case was still being touted by TPs as a victory for the OMB Number ploy. At that time the US Attorney handling the tax case was nice enough to clarify the true reasons the govt had retreated. I expected more litigation against Lawrence when a corrected indictment could be prepared - but there has been, as far as I could find, no further IRS prosecution of Lawrence. The US Attorney's office may have changed hands - in any case, it does not respond to my inquiries about the sequelae of his case.

If anyone has any info on what happened with Robt Lawrence, please tell me.

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