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Nigerian Scam Letter Exhibit

This Exhibit shows some actual scam letters which we have received directly from Nigerian scam artists, as well as by friends of Quatloos! who have contributed the letters they have received. The similarities throughout the letters (almost uniformly they are from a "Dr." somebody, for example) are obvious, but the stories they tell are a hoot.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter -- The late dictator of Nigeria, General Sanni Abacha, has died and now his widow wants your help in getting his $80 million out of the country.

  • Isa Ahmed Letter -- Her brother, Prince Isa Ahmed, also wants to get General Abacha's money out of the country, but thinks it is only $35 million.

  • Farouk Bakoh Letter -- This Nigerian lawyer is also helping Ms. Abacha get the money out of the country. He's not sure how much she has, but he's willing to give you 15% of it.

  • Idris Musa Letter -- Uh oh. General Sanni himself overbilled by $31 million and you can have 20%.

  • Kareem Salami Letter -- Now General Sanni AND the Central Bank of Nigeria have overbilled for $31 million and you can have 20% of that.

  • Yabril Omotayo Letter -- The Central Bank of Nigeria has also overbilled by $21 million (what's goin' on down there anyway?), and you can have 20% of that too.

  • Umaru Egwuatu Letter -- Grief! Now the Petroleum Trust Fund has overbilled by $36.6 million, and they want you to keep 20% to hold the money in trust for creditors.

  • Abu Kambo Letter -- Ooops! The Ministry of Petroleum also overbilled $15.5 million during the Gulf War, and they want you to keep 30% of it.

  • Sheriff Lawal Letter -- Gosh, wouldn't you know it now the Nigerian National Petroleum Company has overbilled by $21.5 million and you get 30% of that too.

  • Ahmed Tijani Letter -- Dad-gum Petroleum Trust fund has overbilled by $25 million AGAIN! You only get 20% this time.

  • Ahmed Atubi Letter -- The Nigerian Ministry of Petroleum Resources has overbilled by $32 million and they want you to hold it in trust (you only get $12 million for doing this).

  • Mohamed Bulus Letter -- Still tryin' to get that $32 million out . . .

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 2 -- General’s son needs lenders to move $155 million out of Nigeria. Compensation unknown: you’d do it for free anyways, right?

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 3 -- Mrs. Abacha is at it again but this time you can get 30% of $58 million. Where did the extra $16 million come from?

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 4– The General’s son definitely wants a piece of his father’s wealth. He wants your help getting $40 million out of the country and is prepared to offer you 30% of it.

  • Abbah Abacha Letter 1 – A seemingly unknown child of the General. He offers 30% of $33 million for assistance in the transfer of his money out of the country.

  • Abbah Abacha Letter 2– Yet another letter from the unknown Abacha child. He has $21.5 million but you have to negotiate a deal with him for your percentage.

  • Abdul Abacha Letter – They are at it again! Help the General’s family get his $155 million out of the country at a name-your-percentage partnership. I’d go with 100%.

  • Abiye John Letter– The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has miscalculated funds. You can get 25% of $18.5 million if you help them get it out of the country.

  • Stephen Abu Letter– Get 25% of $56 million if you help Stephen and his friend get their money out of the country.  Yeah yeah, it’s a story heard one too many times.

  • Dr. Adewale Adebayo Letter – Buy him a house and secure his funds and you might not get anything in return.  Sounds fair to me.

  • Ahmed Guzo Letter – Surprisingly another attorney working for Mrs. Abacha. But now he claims that she has $50 million and seeks a partner wiling to take 20% of it.

  • Chief Nze Akpamgbo Letter – Letter from Chief Akpamgbo regarding Mrs. Abacha- what a surprise! You can help with her $45 million, but you don’t get any of it.

  • Very Urgent Letter– Here is a short and to the point letter asking for your assistance getting $18.5 million out of the country, but you don’t get any of it.

  • Mustapha Alfa Letter 1 – A curious target asks “Why me?” to one of the Nigerian scammers.

  • Mustapha Alfa Letter 2 – Plane crash leaves lucky partner with a chance to get 20% of $15 million.

  • Dr. Jerry Amah Letter – Screwy petroleum industry is at it again. This time you can get 20% of $25.5 million. Where do they come up with these numbers anyways?

  • Dr, Danladi Amed Letter – Get 30% of $41.5 million for helping a NNPC member with money he really doesn’t have.

  • Steven Aniago Letter – Get 35% of $26 million by helping a crooked banker get money that is not his.

  • Bello Atebo Letter – Wow! You can get 30% of $60 million for assisting this NNPC member.

  • Hafisat Bamaiya Letter – Not too bad- Get 20% of $30 million through the wife of Nigeria’s former Army chief of staff. I don’t know about you, but I have a good feeling about this one.

  • Alhaji Bankole Letter -- $45.56 million with 20% compensation if you assist Mr. “Take you to the bank” Bankole get his money out of the country.

  • Ndaye Banya Letter 1 – Screwy diamond miner’s wife needs to hide their stash of diamonds and $20 million cash out of the country while he goes on trial, but she won’t say how much you could get.

  • Ndaye Banya Letter 2 – One sentence says it all, “I am trapped with large quantity of diamond and some million of United States dollars that is in cash with my Wife who dose not have the know-how to launder this money without any trace to our name and how to dispose these unpolished diamonds accordingly.” He definitely needs help.

  • Dr. Lawrence Bariga Letter – As if we don’t have enough people helping the Abachas with their funds. This time you can get 20$ of $31 million for your help.

  • Dr. Audu Bello Letter 1 -- $28.6 million is free from the NIPC (Nigerian Investment Promotion Council and Dr. Bello is prepared to offer you 30% of it for assistance.

  • Dr. Audu Bello Letter 2 – Get 20% of $31 million by helping, that’s right, civil servants get “inflated contract funds” out of the country.

  • Bimbola Abacha Letter – I didn’t see this one coming. The General’s wife is offering 25% of $45 million for a reliable foreign partner. Just between you and me, her last deal was better.

  • Prince Chiedu Boglo Letter -- $41 million to launder and you get 20% if you assist this Prince. I know, I’m trying not to laugh as well.

  • Princess F.W. Bolkiah Letter – Help another princess get her late husband’s money out of the country. She has $48 million in which she is willing to pay 20% compensation.

  • Capt. Godwin Martins Letter —Finally we see a non-general or doctor. This gentlemen claims he has $49.5 million where you get 30% of it.

  • Ndubuisi Coker Letter – Wow! We have an all time high of 35% offered by Mr. Coker. Unfortunately, the total amount he has is only $26 million.

  • Dr. Bayo Cole Letter – Yeah yeah! You have been recommended…. I think they mean targeted. But at least the money isn’t bad- 20% of $31 million for assistance.

  • Theresa Coleman Letter – Family assassinated but she has a lot of money. She’s willing to forget all about her family for help getting her $28 million out of the country. Also, she’s willing to give you 20% of it.

  • Dr. Adams Dagogo Letter – Floating funds in Nigeria’s “well organized” banks leave officials in need of a partner in which to transfer the money. You get 20% of $31 million with relatively no strings attached.

  • Dr. Dan Dakova Letter – Basic deal: $21.5 million where you can get 20%. Do you think these people are really doctors?

  • Dr. Dele Danjuma Letter – Provide bank account facilities and get 20% of $37.5 million.

  • Jubril Danladi Letter – At least this guy sounds more sincere. I’m still waiting for someone to calculate more than 100% when it comes to dividing the so-called wealth.

  • Dr. Tanko Dantata Letter – Crazy Doctor seeks reputable person in which to transfer money. You get 25% of $36.561 million, but he will most likely round down.

  • Abu Dauda Letter – You get 30% of $17 million for being the “second contractor” in a transaction to get this man’s money out of the country.

  • J.C. Don Letter – A slightly different type of scam letter claiming to have $40.5 million. Apparently you get to negotiate your percentage upon confirmation of the transfer.

  • Alhaji Dongoyaro Letter – We’ve seen this number before. You can get 25% of $36.561 million if you help this wacky Nigerian secure his money outside of the country. Oh yeah, make sure you are honest and trustworthy, because he likes that in people he scams.

  • Matthew Ebo Letter – The Petroleum Trust Fund (if there is such a thing) has overbid by $34 million. You can get 25% by helping Mr. Ebo get the money out of the country.

  • Edward Eromosele Letter – Attention! Petroleum mogul needs foreign partner in which to transfer $35 million at a pick-your-own-percentage type deal. Too good to be true? Most likely.

  • Dr. Joseph Fadaka Letter – A recent target was not fooled because of the poor use of English in the scammer’s letter. What do you expect? They are from Nigeria.

  • Letter FromR – If you don’t believe this is a scam, do not read this letter. This is the second step from the scammers to ask for money from you to help them get their millions out of the country.

  • Bello Garba Letter – Wow! Get 100% of $60 million by acting as a real estate agent to wealthy Nigerians. Wait! Did I really just read that?

  • Dr. Suleiman Garo Letter – At least this guy is a Doctor. He has $30 million that he wants to give you 20% of it for your help.

  • Barrister Peter George Letter – Surprise! Another lawyer to the Abachas. When you are as “rich” as they are, you can afford a lot of attorneys. This one offers 25% of $41 million for assistance.

  • Dr. Mewro Ghali Letter – Top officials in possession of overdue payment bills seek to transfer $32 million that’s not theirs, but they feel bad so they will give you 30% for helping them.

  • Dr. Paul B. Giwa Letter – Don’t worry folks, this one is risk free. He also claims to have a mere $18.36 million that he is willing to give you 30% of for the proper assistance.

  • Dr. Frank Gozie Letter – 30% of $30 million if you help out this nice guy that works for the screwed up NNPC.

  • Usman Gwarzo Letter – Cousin’s mysterious death leaves you with a chance to get 20% of $12.5 million. No! This time will be different.

  • Habiba Abacha Letter – The General’s second wife seeks to cash in on his fortune. Do you think Mariam will let her get away with this? She offers 20% of $25 million for your help.

  • Haisha Haludu Letter – Another General’s wife seeking a partner to get her late husband’s money out of the country. She offers 20% of $23.5 million.

  • Ahmed Hassan Letter – Short-but-sweet letter asking for help getting $19 million out of the country.

  • Abu Ibrahim Letter – The General’s nephew seeks to cash in on his family’s loss, and he wants to give you some of it. He will give you 25% of $12.5 million for your assistance.

  • Franklin Igwilo Letter – Financial consultant looks to foreign investor in which to transfer $30 million. He doesn’t know how much he will give you but seeks your help anyways.

  • 6 scams -- A collection of 6 scam letters sent in recently. The last one is my favorite. It looks like it was done by a 10 year old!

  • Dr. Simon Iyobo Letter – Alright! Finally we get a letter from an accountant asking you to help with the transfer of certain funds. This one offers 25% of $55 million, and he will show you how to avoid the taxes on it.

  • Dr. Uba Jega Letter – Another doctor offering “risk free” money. All you have to do is help Dr. Jega get his $21.5 million out of the country and he will give you 30%.

  • Musa Jubril Letter – Man! The General had quite an impressive family. Now a nephew wants to help get the General’s money out of the country. He is offering only 15% of $12.5 million for any help you can give him.

  • Dr. John Kabba Letter – Father died, looking for sucker, I mean partner, for help. Offers 20% of $25.5 million.

  • Henry Kabila Letter 1 – Those wacky African scam artists at it again with a deal to make 20% of $48 million through a transfer of the money to an outside source. Who do they take us for anyways?

  • Henry Kabila Letter 2 – The first son of the third wife of the President, he claims to have $26 million and wants to give you a measly 20% of it.

  • Kadira Abacha Letter – Another of the General’s sons.  But he only wants to transfer $12.5 million with a 25% compensation. I wonder if the General himself was this nagging.

  • Anthony Kukulu Letter – This guy uses a few big words but his basic point is “Show me the money!” He claims to have $25 million and is wiling to offer you “ reasonable percentage.”

  • Robert Kambili Letter – Bank manager stumbles upon rich client who died without making a will. Get 20% of $31.5 million for acting as the beneficiary.

  • Dr. Ali Khulen Letter 1 – One way to mess around with the scammers-act interested.

  • Dr. Ali Khulen Letter 2 – Get 15% of $35 million by helping Dr. Khulen get his money out of, you guessed it, Nigeria.

  • Femi Kunle Letter – Just another scam artist trying to make a decent living- yeah right! This guy claims you can get 30% of $21.5 million by acting like someone’s next of kin. Hey, at least the Abachas aren’t the only one’s doing this.

  • Lome Togo Letter – They are ruthless! A pseudo corporation seeks a contract with a wheelchair manufacturer, which will allegedly pay $5.3 million after 1 year.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 5 – This time it’s the wife of the General that needs a foreign partner to get 20% of $42 million with a transfer of her funds out of the country. Can’t we all just get along?

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 6 – This is getting ridiculous. Now the General’s wife claims that its only $70 million that was left to the family, but you can get 20% of that if you help her get it out of the country.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 7 – Alright Ms. A. How much money do you have anyways? Now only $25 million, c’mon!

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 8 – It seems now the General’s wife wants to invest in plastics, but she still needs to transfer (now) $55 million with 30% compensation to a lucky foreign partner.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 9 – Someone should just give her a call and mess with her head that way she messes with ours. Now she’s offering 25% of $45.5 million for your “help.”

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 10 – She’s Back!… But now she claims to know you and is only offering  30% of $40 million.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 11 – I don’t know why her name keeps changing, but she’s willing to give you 30% of her $35 million for assistance.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 12 – Do the Nigerians really do business with the Russians? Mrs. Abacha claims her husband received $25 million from the Russians as a payback. Anyways, she’s offering 20% of it for assistance.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 13 – She’s back and she’s more nagging than ever! Now she only has in her possession $32 million and you can get 15% for assistance.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 14 – Mariam with a more friendly twist. A mere $25 million is offered this time and you can get 20% of it.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 15 – She still doesn’t know how much she has.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 16 – Well, contrary to her other letters, we now know why the General died, and it wasn’t his nagging wife. But she is still confused about how much he has left. This time its $70 million and you can get a whopping 20%.

  • Mariam Abacha Letter 17 – No she still doesn’t know how much she has but this one is BIG. You can get 30% of $55 million with your help.

  • Maryam Abacha Letter – This one is a little different because the wife of the late General Abacha seemed to have forgotten how to spell her name. Oh well, with the money she will “get” she could afford a first class education. You get 20% of $55 million for help.

  • Dr. Umeh Martins Letter – NNPC screwed up again and now $30 million are at stake. You can receive 30% for “help.”

  • Shakas Mobutu Letter – Son of former President of Zaire looks to foreign partner to help transport him and his $38.5 million.  The compensation for the move is 10%.

  • Mohemmed Letter – Yet another attempt to get former General Abacha’s money out of Nigeria, but this guy doesn’t know exactly how much it is, or how much you could get.

  • Sarah Montgomery Letter – She has $15.2 million, but she isn’t sure how much she wants to part with. She even discusses scams and how they hurt the “genuine” ones. Riiight!

  • Ibrahim Mustapha Letter – The brother of a security officer to the military dictator if Nigeria has $30.5 million and wants to give a partner 20% of that for assistance.

  • Chibuike Nwokolo Letter – Try saying his name 10 times real fast. He is willing to offer 30% of $12 million for helping him out.

  • Barrister Amobi Nzelu Letter – You gotta be kiddin’ me! They cannot have this many lawyers. Anyways, 30% of $40 million is offered this time.

  • Dr. Emeka Obi Letter – Call now and get 20% of $35 million for helping poorly paid Dr. Obi get her money out of the country.

  • Cyril Ochuno Letter – Top officials in Nigeria seek to launder $26.5 million with the help of foreign partners. You could get 20% for your efforts, but you probably won’t.

  • Victor Ojo Letter – Wacky Nigerian has $35 million, but doesn’t want you to have any of it.

  • Rakiya Oke Letter – What, you’re only offering a quarter cut of $7.5 million? I might as well have not put this one up with the “big dogs.”

  • Dr. James Oko Letter – Looks like the Nigerian Export Promotion Council has screwed up too! You can help Dr. Oko get $31 million out, but strangely you won’t get any of it.

  • John Okon Letter – Those wacky Nigerians are at it again: Bank Manager needs stand in for dead man’s long lost family to collect 30% of $75 million. Fit the description and be rich.

  • Old News – Just in case you haven’t read the last 40 something letters of fraud, this is a warning about Nigerian scams…

  • Kola Olusegun Letter – He has $18 million from his father, and you get to name a percentage once the money is in your account, but don’t worry it never gets that far.

  • Rueben Onyia Letter – Bank Manager stumbled upon some loot and needs your help getting $26 million out of the country. He is willing to pay you 35% for your help.

  • Martins Osagie Letter – Son of dead chief looking for partner to transfer $25 million to with 20% compensation.

  • Dr. Omole Patrick Letter – Give all your bank information to this guy and “receive” 30% of $21.5 million.

  • Princess Elizabeth Monooh Letter – Be the knight in shining armor as you help Princess Monooh get her $12 million out of the country. She will reward you handsomely of course.

  • Reply Letter – One angry target decided to write a formal reply to the scammers. The original letter and the reply are included.

  • Suleman Sabo Letter – Another dumbass NNPC member looking to cash in $28.5 million and give you 20% of it.

  • Mallam Sadig Abacha Letter – Now the General’s son needs to move only $41.5 million out of the country and will pay 20% for assistance.

  • Dr. Farouk Sanni Letter – What are the odds this “Doctor” really has a BL and a PhD? Oh yeah, he graduated with honors too. I guess it makes your 20% cut of $50 million more believable.

  • Santos Savimbi Letter – Be a good person and help Dr. Savimbi get his money out of the country. Oh yeah, and you don’t get any of it!

  • Karim Santos Letter – Help yet another bank manager get money out of the country. He will give you 30% of “his” $30 million for assistance.

  • Barrister Olu Sanya Letter – Yet another family friend of the Abachas wants to give 20% of their $20.5 million to anyone willing to help.

  • Dr. Ali Suleman Letter – NNPC screwed up yet again. Coincidence? I think not. They are offering 20% of $41.5 million for assistance.

  • Barrister Taiwo Adams Letter – A “lawyer” for the Abacha clan is looking for partners to hold the family wealth. $20.5 million is to be kept with a 20% compensation. I’m gonna have to stop putting these people up, geez! This is crazy!

  • Dr. Ahmed Tijani Letter – Email you bank name and account number to Nigeria and become eligible for a very slim chance of getting 20% of $25 million. It’s as easy as that.

  • Dr. Ahmed Tijani Letter 2 – The second stage of the scam is included here. Telephone and fax numbers are asked for first, then the bank info. They can be quite tricky.

  • Dr. Ahmed Tijani Letter 3 – Example of reply from scammer.

  • Barrister Tony Tofa Letter – Another lawyer for the Abachas seeking a partner to scam. They have $51.375 million but do not say how much they will give for assistance.

  • John Tsemio Letter – Bank employee discovers account owner that died without beneficiary and seeks foreign partner in which to transfer his $12 million. The partner receives 30% compensation. Yeah, this is legal.

  • Ude Abacha Letter – Another of the General’s “sons” he wishes to help his mother by transferring $10 million to a foreign investor of whom she can take the money away from at any time.

  • Tijani Useni Letter – This guy is insane. You give him $1.2 million to get his money safely out of Nigeria (assuming he has any) and he doesn’t say how much he has or how much you will get.

  • Barrister M. Usman Letter 1 – It seems Mrs. Abacha’s lawyer now thinks its $51.357 million in the General’s bank.

  • Barrister M. Usman Letter 2 – I like this one. Its short and might as well say “Give me your money!”

  • Jeff Utazi Letter – You get 15% of $42 million if you meet the requirements (i.e. you like to give your money away!)

  • Senator Yohanna Waziri Letter 1 – The NNPC has screwed up yet again. This time help get $25 million out of the country and you could get 30%.

  • Senator Yohanna Waziri Letter 2 – Here’s a guy that works for the NNPC and the Federal Government. He is prepared to offer you 30% of his alleged $25.5 million for assistance getting his money out of the country.

  • Dr. Musa Yakubu Letter – Same ole’ routine: Crazy Nigerians look to foreign partners to transfer $20.5 million at a compensation rate of 20%. But hey, the transaction claims to be 100% safe so why not give it a try?

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