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Kingdom of Enen Kio

Allegedly off the Marshall Islands lies the Kingdom of Enen Kio. Run by one Robert Moore, the self-appointed "Minister Plenipotentiary" of the Kingdom, this scam listed its address in court documents not in Enen Kio (which doesn't exist), but at "P.O. Box 8441, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96830".

What court documents? The Kingdom's lawsuit against the United States, of course. Seems that this scam jurisdiction brought a suit in its own High Court (chuckle, chuckle) against the United States for "adverse possession" by "King Hermios" of "Northern Ratak Archipelago", oh and also for $170 million plus interest.

Mr. Moore then filed this judgment in the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, seeking to get the U.S. Court to recognize the judgment. The U.S. Court entered a "show cause" order, whereupon Mr. Moore immediately voluntarily withdrew his petition to recognize the judgment, with little ceremony.

So why does the Kingdom exist? To support its modern space port of course. Essentially, the Kingdom copies plans for a spaceport to be built in Hawaii on to its website, and called it a day (that's all you need to be a major space power isn't it?).

What to be careful of? This scam (and the Principality of New Utopia which follows) sounds so stupid that you would be amazed if somebody fell for it. Yet, look further into the Kingdom's website, and you will see how they expect to make money from this scam: By issuing $500 million in (bogus) "Gold Bonds" at $250,000 each with a face value of $500,000 - which amount of course is uncollectable considering that the Kingdom neither exists nor has any significant assets other than its bogus claims to disputed land. 

Enen Kio is a complete scam, as the Marshall Islands Newspaper recognized in a story carried December 2, 1994, with Mr. Moore's face under the heading "Is This Man a Bald-Faced Liar? The AG Thinks So". The article also stated that the Marshall Islands AG at that time was considering investigating Mr. Moore for fraud.

Hardly a propitious beginning, eh? Check out the Kingdom's website at and be sure to go to the documents section and pull up the Marshall Island's newspaper article so that you can get a good look at Mr. Moore.

At least the Kingdom is attempting to claim land which exists, no matter how spurious those claims are. Let us now move to another fake nation which has no land at all.

Marshall Islands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Declares
"Kingdom of EnenKio" a Fraud

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Robert Moore
Self-appointed "Minister Plenipotentiary" of the Kingdom of EnenKio

EnenKio's Website
SEC v. Robert F. Moore
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