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EXHIBIT: Fake Nations

Why bother with a small-time scam, when you can run a scam based on your own country! Apparently, some fraud artists have realized this, and there has lately been a proliferation of Cyber-Nations, which of course are cyber-scams. 

These particular cyber-scams often have several things in common, and are relatively easy to identify.

  • First, none of these cyber-scams have bona fide claims to territory. Instead, they have claims which are patently crazy, such as to Antarctica, or they claim land which has long been claimed by an existing, legitimate nation.

  • Second, none of the governmental operations of the cyber-scams are actually conducted on the territory which its claims. Instead, most governmental operations take place in the United States or some other recognized country. 

  • Third, the cyber-scam's government is not derived from the governance of any peoples, but instead was created out of thin air by the fraud artists.

  • Fourth, to perpetrate the scam, these alleged countries will sell (from the U.S. or other recognized country, of course) bank licenses, insurance company licenses, corporations, and trusts, etc.

  • Fifth, all of these cyber-scams make wildly misleading claims about having been recognized by a major nation, or having "de facto" recognition from such major nation. But to the contrary, the law enforcement bodies of the major nation will probably have issued warnings about this scam.

Keep these factors in mind as we examine several ongoing fake nation scams.

Kingdom of Enen Kio

Allegedly off the Marshall Islands lies the Kingdom of Enen Kio. Run by one Robert Moore, the self-appointed "Minister Plenipotentiary" of the Kingdom, this scam listed its address in court documents not in Enen Kio (which doesn't exist), but at "P.O. Box 8441, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96830".

What court documents? The Kingdom's lawsuit against the United States, of course. Seems that this scam jurisdiction brought a suit in its own High Court (chuckle, chuckle) against the United States for "adverse possession" by "King Hermios" of "Northern Ratak Archipelago", oh and also for $170 million plus interest.

Mr. Moore then filed this judgment in the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii, seeking to get the U.S. Court to recognize the judgment. The U.S. Court entered a "show cause" order, whereupon Mr. Moore immediately voluntarily withdrew his petition to recognize the judgment, with little ceremony.

So why does the Kingdom exist? To support its modern space port of course. Essentially, the Kingdom copies plans for a spaceport to be built in Hawaii on to its website, and called it a day (that's all you need to be a major space power isn't it?).

What to be careful of? This scam (and the Principality of New Utopia which follows) sounds so stupid that you would be amazed if somebody fell for it. Yet, look further into the Kingdom's website, and you will see how they expect to make money from this scam: By issuing $500 million in (bogus) "Gold Bonds" at $250,000 each with a face value of $500,000 - which amount of course is uncollectable considering that the Kingdom neither exists nor has any significant assets other than its bogus claims to disputed land. 

Enen Kio is a complete scam, as the Marshall Islands Newspaper recognized in a story carried December 2, 1994, with Mr. Moore's face under the heading "Is This Man a Bald-Faced Liar? The AG Thinks So". The article also stated that the Marshall Islands AG at that time was considering investigating Mr. Moore for fraud.

Hardly a propitious beginning, eh? Check out the Kingdom's website at EnenKio_web.htm and be sure to go to the documents section and pull up the Marshall Island's newspaper article so that you can get a good look at Mr. Moore.

At least the Kingdom is attempting to claim land which exists, no matter how spurious those claims are. Let us now move to another fake nation which has no land at all . . .

Enenkio Page

Principality of New Utopia

What would happen if you took a bunch of abandoned Gulf of Mexico oil platforms, hauled them out into the middle of the Caribbean, and lashed them together over a reef?

Why, you would have the Principality of New Utopia, of course!

That was the original idea, and the oil platforms have been dumped in favor of just building huge pillars into the Caribbean sand. And now they've also added modern jet service, to be provided by Utopian Air Lines, and will also feature Airship Service (giant blimps, as yet built by a company in Dallas). When you get their, you can further your education at the Utopian University, which has a Medical School which emphasizes research on longevity.

It is in the area of longevity that the Principality will have a leg up on everyone else, because of the experience of its founder, one Howard Turney (a/k/a Prince Lazarus) of that Caribbean hotspot known as Tulsa, Oklahoma, who in the past had some connection to longevity drug scams.

Indeed, the Securities & Exchange Commission has recently become interested in Turney because of his efforts to sell Utopia bonds with which the project will be financed. According to an SEC press release:

"Today Judge Michael Burrage, United States District Judge for the Northern District of Oklahoma, Tulsa Division, granted the Commission's request for an emergency restraining order to halt a fraudulent nationwide Internet scheme involving the offer and sale of a bogus $350 million bond offering. According to the Commission's Complaint, Lazarus R. Long, a/k/a/ Howard Turney, and doing business as New Utopia, used an Internet website called "New Utopia" to entice and solicit investor funds for the development of a supposed new "tax haven" country called "New Utopia." This new country would be located approximately 115 miles west of the Cayman Islands. According to its website, New Utopia is a country that will rise from the Caribbean on giant concrete platforms built on an underwater land mass. In addition to offering the unregistered bonds, Long represented that currency investments in New Utopia would yield up to a 200% market rate of return. "Prince" Long used E-mail to tell investors that they could buy a New Utopia government 5 year note at 9.5%, and invited them to become charter citizens of the new country. Long has also touted his Internet offering through the use of print and radio media, including the London Times, Dallas Morning News and a nationally syndicated radio show."

Selling worthless bonds isn't the Principality's only scam. For $35,000 you can get a license to form a "Class A" bank, for $5,000 you can get an "internet bank license", or for $10,000 you can get a "trust license", presumably allowing you to form trusts if the Principality is ever formed. Still, somebody has wasted their time in drafting full corporation and trust laws, apparently in the expectation that someone would actually be dumb enough to pay them for their services.

But if you are going to use these services, you had better be a good swimmer. The Principality of New Utopia is one of two fake nation scams which starts out "under water" - and in more ways than one. The only place you can visit the Principality (and have a look at a photograph of  "Prince Lazarus") is at its website at

Dominion of Melchizedek

The Granddaddy of all fake nation scams is of course the Dominion of Melchizedek. Started in prison by two convicts in the pokey for land fraud, the Dominion has had an almost magical existence as it shakes off bad publicity after bad publicity to keep selling worthless bank licenses and promoting its "Ecclesiastical Sovereignty".

Yes, the Dominion has been featured in a variety of magazine and news articles - all bad. The Washington Post has been especially unkind, and we have repeatedly labeled the Dominion a complete scam (which it is). The Dominion was even uniquely featured at the Financial Fraud Convention by John Shockey, formerly with the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency. Shockey had delegates from over 100 nations rolling with laughter as he described the wacky antics of the Dominion's promoters.

But Shockey also described the scam aspect of the Dominion, which is that it attempts to sell bank licenses and other things, all from the United States. And this is one thing which distinguishes the Dominion as a fraud, instead of the legitimate nation it claims to be.

While depending on the time of day, the Dominion claims Antarctica and a reef in the middle of the Pacific (which the Wall Street Journal characterized as "an underwater seamount"), no operations occur in these areas. Instead, all solicitations for business occur in the United States or some other nation, and business operations are intended to take place there.

Despite the Dominion's claims that it has been "recognized" by the United States (it hasn't), and that the U.S. courts have recognized the DOM (they haven't either), the Dominion has the reputation of being a scam, and various law enforcement agencies have issued warnings specifically directed at the Dominion and its "banks". Worse, DOM banks are routinely used to perpetrate frauds, such as the recent Caribbean Bank of Commerce scandal, which bank claimed to be operating under a DOM bank license. So, when not directly defrauding people with bogus licenses, the DOM is facilitating fraud by providing entities for use by other criminals.

You can read about the Dominion, including many excerpts from the articles critical of it, at groups/ melchiz.htm or even if you are not prepared to travel to Antarctica, you can visit the Dominion on the internet at

Fake Nations Scam Proliferates

These three aren't the only fake nations, but just the most high-file ones. Lately, we have seen a rash of fake nation scams, including the Kiue Thlingit Nation (purportedly in Alaska), the Principality of Ponderosa (run by Prince "Little Joe" Rigoli in Austria no less), the Country of Oceanus (run by "Admiral M.W. McClosky in Manset-Seawall, Maine) and the Kingdom of Landreth (whereabout unknown, run by the "Baron of Leslie").

All of these "nations" are scams - but that hasn't prevented them from "recognizing" one another an appointing legations to each others' scam.

Recognizing Fake Nation Scams

This sounds pretty complicated, but is in fact easy to do. The only reason you would deal with another nation is if your home country recognizes their banks, trusts, corporations, etc. How you determine this is easy: Has your country appointed an official Ambassador or Consul to this other nation?

If your country has not established formal diplomatic relations with the alleged country, it is a giant red flag that you are dealing with a scam, and cause alone not to deal with that country. These scams will present a lot of alleged evidence that they have been "recognized" or "de facto recognized" or similar nonsense, but they will be hard-pressed to prove legitimacy in the absence of an official Ambassador from your home country - meaning that you should not deal with them, period.

The Omega Program

After five long years, victims of one of the longest-running bank debenture scams of the 1990s have finally realized that they have been scammed. Yes, we're talking about Omega and Destiny, two programs in which funds were pooled so that investors (called "lenders") could invest in various bank debenture programs. The problem is, as we have repeatedly chronicled, is that bank debenture programs do not exist.

The bank debenture scam is one of the best-known to law enforcement, because it became so prolific in the mid-1990s. The storyline is that there is a "secret" banking system, in which the "prime banks" and the ultra-wealthy make trades that yield 70% per week and upwards. According to the storyline, so called "little people" (small investors) don't have the money to enter into these transactions, so they must "pool" their funds together and let someone who does have a magical "in" to this system invest for them.

This is, of course, a total scam. The bank debenture scam has resulted in literally hundreds of prosecutions for securities fraud, and none of the defendants in those securities fraud cases could even introduce a shred of evidence that this "secret banking system" exists. Virtually all law enforcement agencies in all countries put out warnings that about bank debenture scams (also called HYIP and MTN scams, among other names), and it was the subject of discussion at the Financial Fraud Convention held in London this past spring.

Over the years, we have seen literally hundreds of these scams, by way of victims who have contacted us for information. No such program has yet proved to be valid, and as noted the SEC has successfully prosecuted hundreds of people for pitching this scam. Moreover, we know many of the officers of the world's real "Top Banks" and we can assure you that they laugh with the rest of us at the mere mention of the "secret banking system" - correctly pointing out that the mathematics are such that if such a system even existed, that one such bank would within a couple of weeks own all the currency in the world (which of course they do not).

Information regarding Bank Debenture / HYIP scams can be found at
Listed at the bottom of that page are some examples of people who have or are being prosecuted for running a bank debenture scam. If you want to read some more, go to the SEC's website at under the non-Edgar database and type in "prime bank" - you will see everything you need to know.

So what does this have to do with Omega? Because Omega is premised on the fact that its promoters could "pool" the funds of Omega "lenders" and enter this secret banking system (which doesn't exist).

When we first starting looking at Omega, we thought that it was just another Ponzi scheme, where successive layers of investors are paid out as an inducement to others. Turns out that Omega was not a Ponzi scheme at all - to the contrary, it was just 100% pure fraud. Nobody was paid out anything, except that apparently a dribble of money is released every now and then as "proof" that moneys exist (they don't).

There is no "secret fund" of Omega moneys waiting to pay out disappointed Omegans (as they call themselves). Instead, their moneys were scammed from them, not recently but up to five years ago when they first bought into the scheme. The Omegans are just now coming to the reality that their entire prospect of a payout was based on the bank debenture programs which have been proven time-after-time-after-time to be a total scam and without any validity in the real banking world (secret or not).

Although the investors were sold "units" which represented "loans", it is clear that these units were a security as defined by the Securities Act of 1933, and that the sale of these units without registration or prospectus amounted to securities fraud. From what we can deduce, some of the "lenders" were also told that they would not have to report what they obtained from the alleged big-payout on their income taxes, or else it would be paid in an offshore account - conduct which would clearly be tax evasion.

The amazing thing is that years after being scammed, the Omega investors continue to believe. This is probably because the Omega promoters chose to market to a group of people often preyed upon by scam artists, meaning the elderly and the poor - relatively unsophisticated people who lack both the means or knowledge to adequately investigate the fact that they have been scammed or to report it to law enforcement.

Virtually every month the Omega scam announces a new date for the alleged big payout, and exhorts its victims to "just hang in there" for a little while longer. Fortunately, some people have waited just a little too long, and we soon expect to see the Omega program as a source of interest in the major newspapers - and not for paying out.

There are a few Omegans still exhorting the other Omegans to "just hang in there" and not take their complaints to law enforcement as they should. Whether these people are linked with the promoters, or have just been hoodwinked to an enormous extent, are not known. What is known is that attempting to persuade people not to report the existence of a crime can amount to the separate crime of obstructing justice, so it is possible that even some of these otherwise innocent investors might be called on the carpet.

Unbelievably, there are still some people who are selling units in Omega; doubtless these folks also would have tried to sell berths on the Titantic after it hit the iceberg. Another scam apparently involves the sale of "refund units" in Omega - i.e., you throw good money after bad in an attempt to get your first moneys paid back. Unfortunately, law enforcement is watching this like a hawk, and there would be no way for the Omega promoters to make a substantial payout even if they had the money to (which they don't).

What if you have bought in to Omega, what do you do? The first thing to do is that you must come to the realization that you have been scammed, and that you are not going to get the big payout promised to you. The second thing you need to do is to realize that if you have any chance of getting your money back, it will be by way of a "Victim Restitution Order" against whoever sold you your interests. Thus, the third thing you need to do is contact law enforcement immediately, preferably your local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and State Attorney General. Fourth, you ought to talk to your attorney or accountant about sending your Omega promoter a 1099 for the amount you lost - making them liable for taxes and possibly giving you a deduction for the amount you lost.

To contact your nearest law enforcement agency, see

Principality of Camside Scam

Yet another fake nation scam is the so-called Independent Sovereign State of the Principality of Camside, which claims that it is the true owner of Australia. In fact, sCamside has no territory and exists only in cyberspace at their cheapie website at

As with the other fake nation scams, the sCamside sells worthless companies, theirs being evidenced by “Business Registration Certificates” for $60 each. But wait! sCamside will also allow you to use your E-Gold account or credit card to purchase a citizenship (yeah, and we’ve got a cloud we’d like to sell you a piece of!).

What makes the sCamside fraud unique is that it is tied to one of the strangest scams of all times, the NESARA cult/scam by a woman named “Dove” in the Washington area who is more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal and who has urged the removal of President Bush (apparently Dove is a big Saddam Hussein supporter). Of course, just like the other fake nation scams the people behind sCamside have not just a few screws loose. sCammers of a feather flock together.

Like any other fake nation, sCamside is also tied to a bunch of other cheesy deals, including “health solutions” and an amazingly ugly Australian-built helicopter company. They don’t have a spaceport yet, but that can’t be far from the making.


From Government/ USA/ NESARA/ R200206290703am.htm

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NESARA & Prosperity Moving into View
Date/Time: 29th June, 2002 07:03am Source: Dove of Oneness

In the last few days, there have been special audits done on our prosperity funding bank accounts, due to some interference that occurred earlier this week. Whenever there are audits of our prosperity funding accounts, the current rules require that NESARA and our deliveries wait until the audits are completed. The audits are now completed, and ALL is WELL with our accounts.

Yesterday the World Court had 41 countries in court, trying to stall NESARA's U.S. and international implementations. The World Court decided to keep the MAJOR benefits of NESARA on the existing schedule, which makes certain improvements very immediate, and others are carried out over the next few months, following NESARA's announcement. This means the Bush government WILL be GONE within three hours of the initial NESARA Announcement, and we are still on the fast track for having our U.S. banking and government improvements effective, as of the NESARA Announcement, including bank debt forgiveness.

The World Com stock market dive, is JUST a COVER STORY, for the manipulations of the dark agenda European-based groups, who have always secretly controlled our stock markets and our U.S. government. They were hoping to cause a massive crisis, that would be an excuse for Bush Jr. to declare his dictatorship. However, the White Knights and Beloved Ascended Master, Saint Germain, and others, have repeatedly moved the stock market averages back UP, to protect our people and their wealth. When the full NESARA economic activities are implemented, even after this downturn in the Dow Jones Average/stock market, people will effectively KEEP their wealth, that they had prior to the downturn. It's been months since I've written the details on why, however, this is still the case, and it will make sense when we see the NESARA Announcement.

Also, did you notice that the big uproar about the "pledge of allegiance", came the day after MANY networks were carrying the news, that there was ZERO Boeing commercial airliner that hit the Pentagon on 9/11? Well, we have seen a CLASSIC dark agenda ploy, to DIVERT our ATTENTION away from things they want us to ignore, and they want us to ignore the FACT, there was ZERO Boeing airliner that hit the Pentagon on 9/11. A small plane filled with explosives and remotely controlled, was flown into the exact part of the Pentagon, where the White Knights' communication centre for supporting the NESARA Announcement was located, and ready to go on 9/11. I reported this TRUTH, about a small plane hitting the Pentagon, about a week before this news came out of France.

We can ignore this silliness about the "pledge of allegiance. All this uproar is worthless, since NESARA completely NEGATES that dark agenda-controlled Judge's decision about the "pledge of allegiance".

We have TWO MASSIVE and CLASSIC examples, of how the dark agenda have controlled our world, with the World Com-stock market scam, and the "pledge of allegiance" ruling scam. Most of time when we see some big news uproar, it's to DIVERT attention, and is based on a dark agenda-manipulated event.

I'm continuing to get things ready in my own life for the NESARA Announcement and our prosperity programs deliveries in the U.S. Beloved Ascended Master, Saint Germain, has been extending the WINDOW for our prosperity deliveries, and He is definitely getting our deliveries to us in the near future. He had hoped that the White Knights would have our deliveries out to us by today, however, it's MOST beneficial to us to have NESARA announced first, and right now, it looks like when we see the TRUE NESARA being announced, we will know that deliveries are close behind. If the plan changes, I will inform you.

Keep up the good work, all of you who are continuing to write to the U.N. and the World Court, telling them WE REQUIRE the true NESARA law announcement NOW! Keeping the pressure on, is definitely HELPING to move NESARA forward. It's also extremely valuable PROOF, that the world's PEOPLE are READY for NESARA! This week, the World Court has received over 260,000 emails demanding NESARA's announcement, and the U.N. Secretary General has received over 302,000 emails, calling for NESARA's IMMEDIATE announcement! Our emails demanding NESARA's announcement, are providing validity for those who are determined to announce the true NESARA law ASAP! Let's keep our emails going, and TELL the World Court and U.N., WHY we MUST HAVE the true NESARA law announced immediately!

I understand that the VOLUME of our emails is SO LARGE, that at times this week, the mailboxes have become full, and a small number of emails have bounced back, until the mailboxes for the World Court and U.N. were enlarged. So resend your emails if this happened to you – THEY DO WANT to HEAR from US!

I know there continues to be interference with the Dove Reports reaching some of you, because I have over 300 Dove member's email addresses in the Bouncing List, and until I UN-bounce these email addresses, these people will not receive their Dove Reports. There are some websites which post the Dove Reports, and I strongly URGE you to check these websites, if you fail to receive a Dove Report, by the end of the day. Unless I have severe interference, or some very unusual situation, I do a Dove Report EVERY DAY, at some time during the day. One of the websites where you can read Dove Reports, and HEAR the Dove Voice Report, is - make a note of this website address, and if you ever miss a Dove Report, you have a back-up place to read the Report.

You may also access all of the Dove reports via the website at Principality of Camside in Australia at: Government/ USA/ NESARA/ NesaraMain.htm

There are many activities in process, to ensure that we do have the TRUE NESARA law announced, and our prosperity deliveries in the U.S., and the world, within the NEAR future. The NESARA Announcement could come anytime now, as soon as certain security precautions are completed, and our remaining U.S. prosperity programs deliveries are set to go anytime as well.

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Date: Saturday, November 16, 2002 7:55 a.m. PST

To: Dove Group Members

From: "Dove_of_O" <>

Subject: [doveofo] New NESARA Section & Websites

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As you can see from the information above, there are many sources of
information about the true NESARA law which can be accessed in the new
NESARA section on Some of the information is written
by Dove; some of the information is written by other people. Some people
assume that everything on is either from Dove or
somehow related to Dove. In fact, the website carries
information from numerous sources in addition to Dove.

To subscribe to the Dove egroup, please send an email to my address: with the “Subject: SUBSCRIBE” and I will
manually add you to the Dove egroup. If you miss receiving the DAILY Dove
Report, you may read it at the following website:
(also has Dove Voice Reports and Dove radio interviews). If you are new
to the Dove Reports, please listen to the October 25th radio interview for
a quick way to understand the topics about which I write in the Dove

Dove Reports and interviews are also being carried on: Only topic is NESARA on this website and Government/ USA/ NESARA/ NesaraMain.htm

Please allow up to 72 hours for processing of subscribe or unsubscribe requests.

I recommend you check out the new NESARA section. There is also a radio interview done by Dr. David R. Siminton of Australia who discusses his understanding of 9/11 and the Bush regime complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

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