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Dominion of Melchizedek

The so-called Dominion of Melchizedek (hereinafter "DoM") is a fake nation which exists only in cyberspace, or in the literature and actions of the scam artists who perpetrate this fraud. There is no real Dominion of Melchizedek, but this doesn't stop the scammers from selling utterly worthless bank licenses for tens-of-thousands of dollars.

The DoM attempts to hold itself out as some sort of quasi-religious body, even to the point of having its own version of the Bible. But for all their self-righteousness, the truth is that the DoM not only commits fraud, but also materially facilitates the fraud of others by creating phony banks, stock exchanges, arbitration forums, etc., in an attempt to give some illusory legitimacy to criminals who are directly defrauding the public by way of pyramid-scheme bank debenture scams and other criminal schemes.

Those of you wanting a chuckle at the creativity of some crooks can visit the DoM's website at But first you should should read some of the passages which follow which tell you the truth about the DoM and is reputed founders. Just so there is no uncertainty: It is our opinion that the Dominion of Melchizedek is a criminal scam.

Excerpts of Presentation of Mr. John Shockey, Former Special Assistant, U.S. Comptroller of the Currency, to the 4th International Financial Fraud Convention in London, May 27, 1999:

"I'm going to provide some detail on a major international fraud which has been perpetrated worldwide since 1990. Obviously, the primary criminals involved have not yet been thwarted. Over the years I have been responding to requests from the news media for interviews about this international fraud. Public disclosure which followed include articles in Forbes Magazine, London Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Jewish World, ICC Commercial Crime Bureau and Australia TV. I have written warning alerts sent to the financial community.

"What is this phenomenon? It is the Dominion of Melchizedek (DOM), a fictitious country created by a father/son conspiracy who are multi-convicted felons named David and Mark Pedley."

"The father, David Pedley and Mark, came to my attention in the early 1980s at which time I was assisting the FBI in their investigation of a land fraud. The result was an indictment and trial in 1983 which convicted Mark Pedley. At that time, the father was incarcerated in a Mexican jail relative to operating a scam converting pesos into dollars through an offshore shell bank -- a form of money laundering."

"The son, Mark, after serving time on his conviction, again was successfully prosecuted in 1986 on other fraud charges. Shortly thereafter, the father reportedly died in the Mexican prison and his body said shipped back to the U.S. No confirmation of the death occurred and I, among many others, believe that he is still alive, in the U.S., and is the architect of the DOM."

"The DOM is a fraud, a major fraud, and not a legitimate sovereign entity. Persons associated with the Dominion of Melchizedek have been indicted and convicted of a variety of crimes."

"In examining this scam keep in mind that deception is fraud. The first deception is the creation of a phony sovereign country. The first address was Malpelo, an uninhabited island under water half the year, and owned by the country of Colombia. Public disclosure of this fact caused a change of address to the Antarctica. Several changes since have occurred with the most recent address an uninhabited atoll owned by the Republic of the Marshall Islands."

"They are always looking for a remote landmass that nobody will challenge their ownership of. Perhaps next they will claim ownership to the lost continent of Atlantis."

"Melchizedek first came to my attention in June 1990, a few months after Mark Pedley was paroled from a 1986 conviction. Inquiries were received concerning bank names: Banco de Asia, Guardian Savings & Guaranty and Express Bank among others. Investigations that these entities had bank charters from the DOM and obtained through an entity named Consortium Finance Corporation headquartered in Lake Tahoe, California. Further investigation disclosed a principal alternately named John Hayden and Branch Vinedresser. Shortly thereafter the FBI took Branch Vinedresser into custody and revealed that he was Mark Pedley, who then was charged with violations of his parole."

"In a short time frame, other Melchizedek entities came to light. Pedley created International Auditors, a purported firm of chartered accountants which provided glowing financial reports of other DOM entities. The Washington DC telephone book showed a listing under Embassies for The Embassy of Melchizedek. Other fraudsters came into the fold and promoted various scams under the umbrella of DOM."

"Fraudulent operations disclosed included taking deposits, issuing worthless guaranties and loan commitments, verifying and authenticating values of other DOM entities which, among other activities, was the issuance of hundreds of millions of dollars of worthless debt instruments. Some of these instruments reportedly were used as collateral to obtain real money loans and were exchanged in several brokerage houses for real value securities."

"Promoting a phony sovereign country provides diversified opportunities to engage in fraudulent activities. One's imagination of the various types of fraud possible has become a reality with DOM. A phony government consisting of fraudsters creates phony citizenships, ambassadorships, embassy and legation offices, issues diplomatic passports, registers financial aid, grants business licenses, creates a stock exchange, etc., etc., etc. -- all phony. However, each facet of this operation is a source which generates substantial illegal income."

"Addresses used, including the fake 'Embassy' still situated in Washington DC, are mail drops and answering services. Contact with these addresses is passed immediately to Pedley, who is in California. But this is not a covert scam. Pedley, who now calls himself Tzemach Ben David Netzer Korem, makes himself available to all seeking information about DOM. Also available is his 'cosmic wife', a Philippine woman now named Pearlasia who happens to be the current President of DOM. They have a website which (falsely) describes in great detail DOM as a sovereign country with world-wide tentacles. Although clothed in a facade of religious respectability, proper due diligence can easily penetrate this veil."

"Victims revealed over the years are world-wide. Within the last year, victims in the Phillippines were conned out of in excess of $1 million on the scam by the DOM providing bogus DOM citizenship papers, official DOM passports to travel out of the country to pursue high-paid employment -- all phony. And then there is the sublime: Among various documents there are DOM letters advocating peace sent to Iraq (personally address to Saddam) and to Kosovo. Yet another document cites DOM declaring War on France for nuclear testing."

Melchizedek Founded by Convicts, According to The Washington Post, "The Ruse that Roared", 5 November 1995

"Its founder, a Californian named Mark Logan Pedley, has two swindling convictions.

"William Barrett of Forbes magazine exposed Melchizedek in a January 1991 report titled 'Father of His Country,' which tracked the global dealings of the elusive Branch Vinedresser, also known as Mark Logan Pedley. Back then, 'ambassador' Vinedresser claimed to own the island of Malpelo, 300 miles off the Pacific coast of Colombia -- never mind that the island belongs to Colombia.

"After the Forbes report, Pedley landed in the hoosegow in California for parole violations. He had been a codefendant with his father, David, in a Mexican peso conversion swindle. Pedley Sr. had a record of four convictions, including stock fraud.

"David Pedley is reported to have died in Mexico in 1987 -- but the body was never identified upon arrival in the United States. The Pedley family refused to let FBI agents fingerprint the corpse at the closed-casket ceremony. Some officials suspect that body in the casket was not in fact David Pedley's -- and that the elder man is still doing business somewhere."

The Washington Post, 1995, All Rights Reserved.


Melchizedek's Claims to Legitimacy: Melchizedek claims that it is a real nation, with real property, and has been recognized by several major governments.

The Truth: Melchizedek has failed to either name the "major governments" which allegedly recognized it, or else specify just how this "recognition" has come about. Melchizedek has apparently obtained some sort of recognition from some smaller states (which may or may not still exist as of the date of this writing), all of which are notable for their corruption. Claims that the DoM has received recognition from any major government are purely lies.

Melchizedek similarly notes that it has "acceded" to various treaties. Please note that this is different than saying that it is a party to these treaties -- "acceding" in this sense means a unilateral act by Melchizedek. We could "accede" to the Rules of the National Football League, but that wouldn't mean we could play the Bears on Sunday or that the NFL would recognize us.

As for property, Melchizedek claims certain islands in the Pacific, but unfortunately there were either at or so close to the nearby French nuclear weapons test site that Melchizedek felt compelled to issue a Declaration of War directed to the French government (although this is still a "cold war", no doubt largely because the French have yet to hear about it, or about Melchizedek for that matter). Oh, and there is the (unsubstantiated) claim to a large portion of Antarctica.

The Washington Post addressed these claims, including Melchizedek's claims to have a "Treaty" with the amorphous "Ruthenian Peoples" in its excellent article: The Washington Post, "The Ruse that Roared", 5 November 1995.

"The Ruthenians, being Ruthenian, were a bit difficult to locate. Several hundred thousand of them -- now usually called Carpatho-Rusyns -- are dispersed throughout Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia and Hungary. Eventually we found an esteemed expert: Prof. Paul Robert Magocsi, head of the Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center in Vermont and representative to the World Congress of Rusyns. 'In a word, it's silly,' Magocsi said of the supposed alliance with Melchizedek.

"'It's all news to me,' said a spokesman for the State Department's Office of the Geographer and Global Issues. He proceeded to express considerable doubt about Melchizedek's claims to any territory -- including Karitane island, which, Korem says, lies some 1,200 miles southeast of New Caledonia and was bought from the Kingdom of Polynesia.

"Make that the alleged Kingdom of Polynesia -- it does not appear on any list of nations, independent states or dependencies. 'There's no such kingdom that would have any recognition by anybody,' said the official.

"Obviously, Melchizedek craves legitimacy. But so far, only one government has given it any diplomatic recognition: The Central African Republic.

"Included in Melchizedek's eagerly-supplied kit of governmental bona fides is a copy of a 1993 letter from the president of the Central African Republic formally recognizing the Dominion and inviting it to open a diplomatic mission there. You get the feeling that the Central African Republic would recognize the State of Denial if it had a letterhead."

The Washington Post, 1995

Melchizedek's Claims Regarding its Banking System:
The "combined net asset value" of all Dominion of Melchizedek banks exceeds US$25 billion dollars.

The Truth: Melchizedek provides no proof for this claim, and it is fantastic and bizarre considering that there are no (real) Melchizedek banks. Again, the Washington Post: The Washington Post, "The Ruse that Roared", 5 November 1995:

"Its president, a woman who goes by the names Mz. Pearlasia and Elvira G. Gamboa, was successfully sued by the California State Banking Department to prevent her from representing herself as a banker there.

* * *

"Melchizedek says its several hundred banks hold a 'net asset value' of $25 billion, yet President Pearlasia remains in arrears to the state of California, having failed to pay a court-imposed sanction of $1,431.90 for her 'bad-faith actions' related to the lawsuit.

"From Canada to Mexico, London to Hong Kong, financial entities and individuals connected to Melchizedek have drawn the attention of banking and investment regulators.

"Officials say the Dominion was concocted to issue bogus banking charters; [John Shockey, head of the fraud unit in the office of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency] routinely issues warnings that U.S. banks should not process any checks or drafts drawn on Melchizedek banks.

"In Hong Kong this summer, a judge sentenced a young Austrian baker to six months in jail for attempting to cash checks totaling $500,000, drawn on the Asia Pacific Bank of Melchizedek. The baker called himself Crown Prince Gerald-Dennis Sayn-Wittgenstein-Hohenstein and held a diplomatic passport as Melchizedek's 'ambassador at large.' According to an account in the South China Morning Post, the judge dismissed the idea that the whole thing was a joke, saying, 'A fraud on the banking system of Hong Kong is a very serious business.'"

The Washington Post, 1995

Melchizedek's Claim Regarding Corporation or Trust Formation:
For $1,000 you can form a Melchizedek corporation or trust.

The Truth: However, to do this you must sign what amounts to a waiver which states: "The applicant understands that the Dominion of Melchizedek can accept no responsibility for the position of any foreign government in regard to [Dominion of Melchizedek] documents." In other words, even Melchizedek realizes that foreign governments will not recognize their corporations or trusts. Enough said!

No U.S. court (state or federal) has ever recognized any DoM trust, corporation, bank, judgment, or anything else having to do with the DoM!


Despite bizarre claims, such as to have a treaty with the "Ruthenian People", Melchizedek doesn't exist.

No major nation recognizes Melchizedek or can be expected to do so in the near or even distant future. It is difficult to imagine a more complete waste of time and money than to associate with the Dominion of Melchizedek.

"It's a con artists' operation through and through," declares John Shockey, head of the fraud unit in the office of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency. "It's a phony bank, a phony country, a phony dominion -- the whole thing's a phony." Washington Post: "The Ruse that Roared", 5 November 1995.

Offshore Alert, 30 June 1998:

"As alleged frauds go, it would be hard to conceive of anything more audacious than creating your own phony country, promoting it as a major offshore financial center and charging people for bank and insurance licenses, IBCs, trusts and even bar qualifications. And why not throw in an 'international stock exchange' with several listings of fake companies with fake trading, all displayed on an elaborate web-site? Yet that's exactly what the people behind the Dominion of Melchizedek appear to have done, with some apparent success, judging from the fact that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in the US has had to go so far as to warn people not to do business with any 'banks' claiming to be based in DOM, as the 'country' is known, and has closed down DOM 'banks' operating in the US, including at least one from an address on Wall Street."

"In Hong Kong this year, an Austrian baker who tried to cash checks totaling $500,000 drawn on Asia Pacific Bank of Melchizedek was jailed for six months for fraud. According to US press reports, DOM was invented by convicted swindler Mark Logan Pedley of California, who may have since faked his own death. Anyone wishing to see the amount of work gone into creating the Melchizedek illusion should visit, which is a website registered to David Korem of Foster City, California."

-- Offshore Alert, 30 June 1998 Edition, at p. 9.

- and -

Forbes, Father of His Country. (Branch Vinedresser), 7 January 1991

Texas Department of Insurance Warning at

Commissioner Stops Illegal Bond Business

September 19, 1996

Insurance Commissioner Elton Bomer has issued a cease-and-desist order halting an unlicensed Houston guaranty bond operation headed by a man claiming to be ex-president of the fictitious Dominion of Melchizedek.

"Investigators for the Texas Department of Insurance's Fraud Unit have been unable to locate any legitimate country under the title Dominion of Melchizedek," Bomer said. "Besides shutting down this operation, TDI is turning over all information on the case to the proper legal authorities."

The order targets Leon Excalibur Hooten III, Lifeguard Reinsurance Ltd., Lifeguard BanCorp Ltd. and Hooten Enterprises. The parties all operated out of 5870 Highway 6, Suite 209, Houston. Lifeguard Reinsurance is registered as an insurer in New Zealand, but none of the parties is licensed to sell insurance in Texas.

Bomer's action was recommended by a State Office of Administrative Hearings administrative law judge who held a hearing in the case. Neither Hooten nor attorneys representing him or his companies appeared for that hearing.

Bomer's order listed various payments or invoices for bid bonds and payment and performance bonds sold by the Houston operation to companies in Arizona, North Carolina, Ohio, California, Georgia and Florida. TDI's Fraud Unit estimated the operation collected more than $145,000 in premiums for bonds with a total liability of more than $10 million.

One Tempe, Ariz., company paid Lifeguard Bancorp at least $25,070 for bid bonds and payment and performance bonds.

Various types of guaranty bonds are considered insurance subject to Texas Department of Insurance regulation. Bomer's order alleges the unauthorized sale of insurance and misrepresentation of Lifeguard Re's assets.

Misrepresentations of Lifeguard Re's financial condition included an alleged $15 million certificate of deposit from Asia Pacific Bank and $20 million in bonds allegedly issued by St. Charles University of DeQuincy, La.

According to the order: 1) Asia Pacific is not chartered by any recognized authority, apparently has no assets and has been enjoined from transacting business under any name or title using the word "bank." 2) St. Charles University was founded by Hooten and has no assets.

The Department's action was supported by affidavits from federal government officials, including John Shockey, head of the fraud unit of the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency. They stated there is no sovereign country, nation or state named the Dominion of Melchizedek (pronounced mil-KIZ-uh-dek).

In an article run November 5, 1995, the Washington Post cited the Dominion of Melchizedek as a nonexistent country used as a name by various questionable operations. In the article, Shockey called Melchizedek "a phony country, a phony dominion- the whole thing's a phony."

For further information call the Texas Department of Insurance Public Information Office at (512) 463-6425 or send a note to

Latest Update


Litigation Release No. 16368 / November 23, 1999

Securities and Exchange Commission v. World Financial & Investment Co., Inc. and Victor M. Wilson, U.S. District Court, E.D.N.Y., No. 99-CIV-7608 (ILG)

The Securities and Exchange Commission today filed fraud charges against a Brooklyn lawyer and his investment advisory firm, for their role in a Ponzi Scheme conducted through a supposed bank chartered by the non-existent "Dominion of Melchizedek." Named in the Commission's Complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York are:

  • Victor M. Wilson, age 47, of Brooklyn, New York; and

  • World Financial & Investment Co., Inc. ("World Financial"), an investment advisory firm wholly-owned by Wilson that operated from Wilson's Brooklyn law office.

The Complaint alleges as follows:

Acting directly and through "sub-agents" on the Caribbean island of Dominica, Wilson raised approximately $1.2 million from hundreds of investors in the United States and Dominica from March 1997 through April 1998. The money was invested in a so-called "60-40 program" promoted by Credit Bank International Co. ("Credit Bank") and its founder, Roger E. Rosemont. Credit Bank is purportedly chartered in Melchizedek, and Rosemont claimed he was Melchizedek's "ambassador at large" to the Caribbean. In truth, the 60-40 program was a Ponzi scheme, Credit Bank is not a bank, Melchizedek is not a country, and Rosemont is no ambassador.

Wilson received approximately $175,000 in fees for his role in the scheme. He played a central role by soliciting U.S. investors and channeling funds to bank accounts controlled by Rosemont. Wilson told investors that they would obtain returns in excess of 300% to be disbursed over a period of several months. The astronomical returns would purportedly result from profits Rosemont would generate by pooling and reinvesting funds in unspecified financial instruments. The relatively small number of investors who entered the scheme in its early stages obtained tremendous returns, including Wilson himself, who reaped $23,800 in profits from his early investment of $4,166. Most investors, however, received no disbursements and lost all the money they invested.

Wilson promoted the scheme despite receiving strong signals indicating that it was a fraud:

  • Rosemont told Wilson that he had been arrested on fraud charges in France, where the authorities had frozen his bank accounts;

  • Rosemont told Wilson that he had been "thrown out of" St. Lucia, an island near Dominica where Rosemont had been promoting the 60-40 program;

  • A government official in Dominica warned Wilson that Rosemont had a reputation as a "bandit" or "rascal;"

  • Rosemont refused to provide Wilson with information regarding his or Credit Bank's finances, and Wilson never determined how Rosemont was using the invested funds or generating the supposedly astronomical returns;

  • In August 1997, Dominica's Minister of Finance publicly warned that the 60-40 program was "a pyramid scheme where the people at the beginning make fantastic returns and the last of the people lose all their money."

Wilson also knew, or recklessly disregarded, that there is no such country as Melchizedek. Before entering into the scheme, Wilson tried unsuccessfully to locate the nation of Melchizedek on a map and in an encyclopedia. He knew from an associate of Rosemont that Melchizedek existed only as an Internet site, Indeed, since 1991, numerous press reports have identified Melchizedek as a base for fraudulent schemes involving purported bank charters and other bogus corporate documents. There is no recognized governmental authority that actually charters banks in the name of Melchizedek.

Wilson, a U.S. citizen, was born and raised in Dominica. In addition to the many residents of Dominica solicited by Wilson's sub-agents, most of the U.S. investors recruited by Wilson were immigrants from Dominica and other Caribbean islands. With many victims drawn from the same ethnic group, this case is another in a series of "affinity fraud" enforcement actions brought by the Commission. See the Commission's recent investor alert,, which explains how to avoid becoming a victim of an affinity fraud.

The Complaint charges Wilson and World Financial with violations of Sections 5(a), 5(c), and 17(a) of the Securities Act of 1933, Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and Rule 10b-5 thereunder. The Commission seeks permanent injunctions, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains plus prejudgment interest, and civil penalties against both defendants.
Last update: 11/24/1999

Who To Contact

If you are approached by an alleged "official" of the Dominion of Melchizedek, you might consider giving those kind folks at your local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations a call just to let them know that the "official" is doing O.K.

Oh, and if offered be sure to pass on that trip to Karitane!

Additional Resources

  • BEST -- Partizans at War with the Fictitious 'Dominion of Melchizedek' -- Lengthy expose of the phony dominion, its criminal background, and recent criminal activity --

  • London Financial Times: "Action Taken on Pyramid Scheme", 8 August 1995.

  • Time of London: "Plot Thickens in Phony Bank Scheme", 8 August 1993.

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  • Washington Business Journal: "District Probes Off-Shore Companies for Fraud", 25 February 1991.

  • Forbes: "Father of His Country", January 1991.

  • Washington Post: "The Ruse that Roared", 5 November 1995, page C-01.

  • Boston Globe1/28/86: " International Bank, Founders indicted on Charges of Fraud"

  • Boston Globe 8/30/86: " Lawyer and CA man received prison sentences and offshore bank fined yesterday.

  • Forbes, April 16, 1990 page 46 "Like father, like son"

  • Forbes, October 28, 1991 page 108 "King of the seven seas" by William P. Barrett (not online)

  • Forbes, December 9, 1991 page 114 "Dream time's over" by William P. Barrett (not online)

  • for "Citizens of No Country (Part 1)" mentions Richard McDonald

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  • Phoenix Newtimes, Article 3/21/96 "The Pro Con Man"

  • The Dallas Morning News, Archives, search for "Melchizedek":

    • 4/10/96 "Insurance salesman confesses in fraud case" by Bill Lodge.
    • 7/27/96 "Authorities are tracking scam artist"
    • 9/21/96 "Houston man reportedly says he led phony nation"
    • 4/10/97 "18 months added to man's sentence" by Bill Lodge
  • The Houston Chronicle, Archives, search for "Melchizedek"

    • 5/22/90 "Member Services in bankruptcy/Chapter 11 ..." by Stephen Rassenfoss
    • 3/2/91 "Reynolds' Premium Resources Trying to Find ...." by Staff Reports
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  • South China Morning Post, search for "Melchizedek" 11/20/98 - various articles found from search, then the following

    • 11/24/98 "Melchizedek group tries to buy freedom"
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    • 11/29/98 "Death penalty plan for Melchizedek"
    • 11/29/98 "Tips for conversing with your foot in your mouth"
    • 12/08/98 "Melchizedek case lawyer seeks deportation"
    • 01/10/99 "Manila to deport barrister"
  • Far Eastern Economic Review, 12/10/98 "Crime: Fantasy Island: Melchizedek passport scam reveals how the Internet can take fraud to new frontiers" by Bertil Lintner in Bangkok

  • Scam Alert,

    • "Highly Questionable Bank Licenses For Sale"
    • "The Dominion of Melchizedek"
    • "Antiguan Bank with Links to Melchizedek Fighting to Stay Alive"
  • FDIC and bank warnings and alerts:

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