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Pure Trusts Forum - Open discussion forum about Pure Trusts scams, the scammers running the scams, and the latest website closings and indictments.
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Live presentation from the IRS regarding Tax Scams

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Tax Protestor News and Articles


Breaking News Regarding Tax Scams -- Latest IRS releases, court opinions, and more

Operator of Warehouse Bank sent to jail -- Alleged tax-scam promoter, Anthongy L. Hargis, found in contempt of court for failing to turn over company records.

Tax Return Errors and Frivolous Tax Arguments -- To help people filling out their tax forms avoid a variety of scams, schemes and errors, the Internal Revenue Service has made several guidance documents available.

IRS 'Dirty Dozen' for 2004: Agency Warns of New Scams -- Annual consumer alert, the Internal Revenue Service urged taxpayers to avoid falling victim to one of the “Dirty Dozen” tax scams and a variety of other schemes...

Tax Scam/Consumer Alerts -- Don't fall victim to tax scams. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

Former Arizona Municipal Court Judge Indicted as Promoter of Tax Evasion Scheme -- John J. Rizzo, His Wife and an Employee Charged in 14-Count Indictment.

Federal Court Bars Multistate Tax Scam Targeting African-American Business Owners -- Internal Revenue Service prevented more than $2.7 million in fraudulent claims.

Court Orders California Employer to Withhold Federal Taxes from Employees' Wages

Injunction of Everte Farnell -- Promoter of a Frivolous “Section 861” Scheme. (pdf)

Justice Department Sues Florida Man to Halt Tax Scam -- St. Petersburg Man Alleged to Promote Frivolous "Section 861" Scheme

Federal Court in Tampa Enjoins Tax Scam Promoter - Florida man promoted a fraudulent "Section 861" Scheme

U.S. v. Engh -- As our tax protestor, in this case, Mr. Engh quickly found out, not paying your income tax can be quite painful! Unfortunately for Mr. Engh, his misguided claims that the federal income tax is unconstitutional are tirelessly moot. Many have tried the argument, and all have miserably failed...

Injunction of Everte Farnell -- Promoter of a Frivolous “Section 861” Scheme.

DOJ Sues to Stop California Attorney from Promoting Tax Scams -- Attorney Allegedly Falsely Advises Customers They Do Not Have to Pay Federal Taxes.

Justice Department Sues to Halt Georgia Man's Alleged Tax Scam -- Suit Alleges that Morris James Sr. Promotes a Fraudulent "Slavery Reparations Tax Credit".

Justice Department Sues to Stop Home-Based Business Tax Scam -- Tennessee Man Allegedly Marketed the Scam by Falsely Claiming to Be a Lawyer.

Federal Court Enjoins Irwin Schiff and Associates -- A temporary restraining order was issued barring Irwin Schiff and two associates from promoting their tax scams.

United States v. Irwin Schiff, Cynthia Neun, and Lawrence N. Cohen a/k/a Larry Cohen

Recent Tax Protestor Cases 

Do Terrorist Informants Have To Pay Taxes?

DOJ requests injunction against Irwin Schiff and accomplices for running a tax scam (again)

IRS Arrests Tax Protestor -- Tax protestor Steven A. Swan was arrested by IRS special agents at the Auburn Post Office on 18 counts of violating federal income tax laws he's convinced are unconstitutional.

Federal Court in Tampa Enjoins Tax Scam Promoter
Florida man promoted a fraudulent "Section 861" Scheme

Justice Department Sues Florida Man to Halt Tax Scam -- St. Petersburg Man Alleged to Promote Frivolous “Section 861” Scheme.

13th Amendment Scam Resurfaces
One of the singularly dumbest tax-protestor and "debt forgiveness" arguments ever made basically claims that Congress enacted a law against "titles of nobility" in the early 1800s that these scam artists claim render all decisions by Congress illegal since attorneys wouldn't be able to sit in Congress (although, contrary to popular misperception, there are very few lawyers in Congress these days); oh, and some of the websites that support this scam theory say we are still actually being ruled by Her Majesty the Queen of England.

IRS Codebusters Scam
A new variant of the Global Prosperity scam offers you (worthless) research and (equally worthless) forms to let you live a tax-free existence. Supported by a person who claims to be a judge but who has no formal legal education and who mostly heard traffic ticket and small claims matters. 

Dr. Joseph N. Sweet, EDM Enterprises and JoY Foundation
U.S. Department of Justice press release about court order stopping Dr. Sweet and the JoY Foundation from marking bogus tax plans.

Tax Protestor Theories De-Bunked
We blow up the theories asserted by tax scam artists about why their materials will avoid income taxes.

High-Profile Tax Scammers Indicted
Lynne Meredith of We The People and Sovereignty Pure Trusts has been indicted along with six other scam artists for promoting bogus trusts, defrauding the IRS, and using fake Social Security Numbers and Passports.

Irwin Schiff Sued (Again)
Infamous tax protestor Irwin Schiff is sued for over $1 million by somebody dumb enough to follow Schiff's bogus theories.

Bill Benson Debunked!
The bogus arguments put forth by tax scammer Bill Benson are examined and shown to be totally meritless.

Tax Protestor Otto Skinner Condemns Frivolous Patriot Arguments
Even some of the tax protestors are willing to admit that most of the tax protestor arguments are totally bogus -- usually the ones that they themselves are not selling.

Christian Patriot Association ends with convictions
The promoters of the bogus Christian Patriot Assocation who ran a bogus "warehouse bank" in Oregon have been convicted of tax evasion and will spend years in prison.


Idiot Legal Arguments:
A Casebook for Dealing with Extremist Legal Arguments -- Detailed de-bunking of various tax protestor arguments by Bernard J. Sussman of the Anti-Defamation League





  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: Taxpayer is not a "citizen" of the United States, thus not subject to the federal income tax laws.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: The "United States" consists only of the District of Columbia, federal territories, and federal enclaves.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: Taxpayer is not a "person" as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, thus is not subject to the federal income tax laws.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: The only "employees" subject to federal income tax are employees of the federal government.


  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: Federal income taxes constitute a "taking" of property without due process of law, violating the Fifth Amendment.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: Taxpayers do not have to file returns or provide financial information because of the protection against self-incrimination found in the Fifth Amendment.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: Compelled compliance with the federal income tax laws is a form of servitude in violation of the Thirteenth Amendment.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: The Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was not properly ratified, thus the federal income tax laws are unconstitutional.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: The Sixteenth Amendment does not authorize a direct non-apportioned federal income tax on United States citizens.


  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: The Internal Revenue Service is not an agency of the United States.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: Taxpayers are not required to file a federal income tax return, because the instructions and regulations associated with the Form 1040 do not display an OMB control number as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: African Americans can claim a special tax credit as reparations for slavery and other oppressive treatment.
  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: Taxpayers are entitled to a refund of the Social Security taxes paid over their lifetime.


  • The Tax Scam Artist's Lie: An "untaxing" package or trust provides a way of legally and permanently avoiding the obligation to file federal income tax returns and pay federal income taxes.


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